A Christmas Anxiety

Christmas Parties! Yay! ‘Tis the Season to attend parties and my Facebook is just filled with postings from friends parties all over the world! A lot of Happiness around going on! Lots of food, gifts giving/exchanging, a lot of Karaoke singing, playing instruments, dancing, watching lights, parades, etc. It’s all good! It’s a lot of fun to see them all especially with all these Social Media sites that are allowing everyone to post anything going on in their lives that easily, it’s just an endless fountain of photos out there.

Sometimes I wonder, though, how Facebook and all these social media keeps up with all these data, but I guess they could do it and that’s what matters and I’m not even going to attempt to go there coz I know how inept I am when it comes to all these info. I am just a mom who, like so many others, just want to share every single thing out there about every single beautiful exciting moments that are happening in my life right now even without really knowing all the details of how it is being done and all. Or maybe, I should say instead, I am just a mom who is always tempted to share all and every single thing out there.

You see, This one thought has always been at the back of my mind. Lately though, it’s been bugging me and I have been seriously thinking about it which resulted in me having second thoughts on sharing a lot out there, Especially when it comes to my kids pictures. I feel like I should not really put it all out there especially without their consent. These poor innocent babies whose pictures are just plastered all over the internet without them really knowing about it and even consenting it. It really is just so easy and tempting to let everyone see how cute your kids are, how great they are at what they do, or how so much stuff they are even learning or having! It’s hard to stop ourselves from sharing them all, and actually bragging about it through these media sites. But is it really worth it? If only our kids could stop us, would we stop from sharing all of their pics online?

I know each to his own. You and I can do anything we like in this world, and so I am not stopping anyone in this post to do what they like, to share as much as they want. But As a mom, in my own family, I have this feeling that I have to control what I put out there for the sake of my kids. So, I would like to lessen the pictures of my own kids that gets posted out there. It may not be the same with other moms, but within my reach, I want to control it as much as I can.

I remember one time while I was looking at a cute picture of my ten year old girl, I said to her, “I will post this! You’re too cute in this!” She looked at me like I was going to do the worst thing ever in her life as she strongly disagreed, “Don’t you dare post that!”. Her answer at that time just made me think again of that long standing anxiety in me regarding those pictures I have posted of them and pictures of them posted by friends and families, churches, etc.

Schools from where we are here in the US are actually pretty tight about their rules about photo postings. If you don’t allow them to post your kids photos, they won’t. You have to sign a paper at enrollment if you’d allow their pictures to be posted or not in the internet. However, outside there seems to be no stricter rules or no rules at all and I am kind of being against it secretly, knowing that there is really nothing I can do about it. I wish I could do something about it. So I am asking out loud here, is there anyway this could somehow be controlled? This unrestricted sharing of our children’s photos online?

For example, if your child attends a certain activity at a church, or at a friend’s party or somewhere, pictures get automatically taken and I hate it when even without asking the parents, your kids pictures just get posted in the internet and publicly so easily. And sometimes you even see your children’s close up pics out there for all to see that could easily be downloaded and it really makes me cringe with fear. It scares me that sometimes I feel like it’d be better not take my kids out there and attend those activities at all for fear of their pictures being posted on the internet just like that..

Not all parents are okay with their kids pictures being posted automatically people! I really wish other parents, churches, or any groups out there would take this into account when they take pictures of kids that are unknowingly being a victim of this free use of cellphones and media postings. Some people just still values privacy. And boy, does it come so rare now!

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