Houston Trip for a day!

It was a memorable Houston trip (this is a late post) :)

We had a wonderful one day trip in Houston. We just got back actually as I am writing this.

All of a sudden, the other day, we decided that we will pursue our plan of going to Houston for a day so we can try “Jollibee”, an original Filipino fast food like kfc or MacDonald. Houston is like a 4 hour drive from Arlington so we planned to leave as early as we can Friday morning. But because we had a late night the previous evening, we all wake up really late. We were able to finally leave at almost 11am I think.

We didn’t have to stop that much going towards Houston as I can recall. We only stop to get gas and some bottle of oranges, coffee for me, and donuts for breakfast and that was all. My hubby drove most of the way without us stopping along the way to pee or something, Oh yeah, except when we had to stop to for lunch at a Chick fil-a. We didn’t eat much since we were planning to get to Jollibee as soon as we get to Houston. So I just ordered my favorite chicken soup and some French fries. Kids had the usual chicken strips and fries. Andy had a burger and we all had the “freshly squeezed lemonade” which is actually always good.

So anyways, after driving for a few more hours, we arrived in Houston at almost 3pm! I told my hubby that there could be a line at Jollibee so we decided to go straight to our hotel first and freshen up before heading out to Jollibee for dinner. It was a great decision actually to get to our hotel first because at least we were able to get a bit of a nap, especially my hubby who was fast asleep as soon as his back hit the bed, lol. We were able to do our personal stuff in a clean bathroom which was really important. J Especially, with Joshua being so difficult to take care of, a clean bathroom is always a must. I hate taking him to public restrooms in the gas stations or fast food restaurants on our trips. It’s always difficult to clean him up and all.

Inside the hotel, as we were looking out the window, we saw how close we actually were at a park. We could see the park right outside so we thought it would be good to take a walk first over there before heading to Jollibee since we were all still kind of full from the food we had at chick fil-a anyways. Another good decision because the kids really had fun at the park. There was a lot of stuff to look at and enjoy. There were music, outdoor skiing, water fountains, the smell of food, and people all around jostling here and there. There was even a little lake where people were kayaking, a little hill that we enjoyed going up and down and lots of other stuff. It was a fun walk. We took a lot of pictures, selfies and videos. We even ended up inside the convention center where there seemed to be a car show. We wanted to go in but you were supposed to get a ticket outside and we were too lazy to find out where exactly where it was so we decided to just move on and look around the park some more.

We went around the park for a few more minutes and then we decided we had to head back to the hotel. We asked the valet to get our car and we headed to Jollibee. It was about 18 minutes from our hotel. I thought it was quite a long ways off from the town center. When we got there though I got pretty excited especially when I learned that the other shops that I wanted to go to like the Red Ribbon and the Pugon de pandesal was also right in the same area.

So we went inside Jollibee and I was surprise to see that there were not a lot of people lining up, a misconception on my part I guess. I thought there would be a queue but I was relieved to find there was actually none. I found out though from another Pinoy the next day that there was, in fact, a line there during the first two weeks of opening.

But that evening I could tell that there was still a lot of Pinoys coming in to eat there although it was just a day after thanksgiving. Don’t these people have so much food in their house yet like us? I remembered all the leftovers we left in the fridge, lol.

Oh well, so we ordered our food and went to find a seat. As we were eating though I was kind of disappointed that the people inside were not really that friendly. Being outside the country, I always felt like Filipinos are just always ready to say hi and smile to each other. But inside that restaurant, it was different. It’s like being back in the Philippines where no one really cares much about each other unless you really know each other. Or maybe it was only for that night, how would I know, right?

My husband was asking me why I looked kind of disappointed. I told him I was going to tell him after but I was feeling really sad. There were only one or two ladies who gave me a smile actually. Most of the people there were just in their own world. It’s like finding fellow Filipinos in that place is just normal already for them so they don’t really care, lol.

I didn’t want to go back anymore. However, since we were supposed to meet with our friends the next day, I had to come back. Also I needed to buy all kinds of bread from Red Ribbon, a shop next to it. So this afternoon, we were there around 1pm having Jollibee chicken joy for lunch again. The lunch was pretty enjoyable. Talking and laughing with our friends helped me enjoy not just the food but the place as well. Surprisingly the ambience seemed to have changed from my point of view.

After Lunch we went straight to another Filipino shop which is called “Red Ribbon”. I bought Mamon and slices of different cakes all the while thinking how we are going to finish all the food we have inside the fridge plus all these breads and cake I just bought!

Finally we started driving back towards Dallas. My hubby took us, on the way though, to see the Sam Houston Statue which was just along the highways somewhere in Huntsville. It was fun! Indeed my first time to really see a Statue that tall and that close! I can’t even imagine how that statue was created. It was just huge and very imposing! I don’t know anything about the guy except that his last name was Houston and after reading what’s over there by the statue, I learned that he was actually the first president of Texas republic before it became a state. So there, we decided to buy a few stuff from the store as we left the place.

Then we decided to go by Buc-ees. I don’t know why it is such a cool place that everyone wants to go there, so I decided to give it a try as well. Oh my, it was too crowded for me! I just the same as other gas stations I have been to. The difference I guess is the amount of people who goes in there. I think they did an amazing job with their marketing, oh my! I bought me a coffee. Kids and hubby bought drinks. Then we went back driving home!

A few more hours of driving and we got back home safe and sound! Stuffed from our Thanksgiving leftovers, we are now just over here in our living room enjoying being at home. My daughter is now asleep on the carpet on the floor, while her dad is now snoring at the couch. Josh is upstairs in his room, probably sleeping now too, and Andre is playing a game on tv. I told him he could play a bit and then he would need to go to sleep too like everybody else.

I am still stuffed but I don’t know how long I can stay awake. I am pretty tired too, happy, stuffed and my mind is already wondering where my favorite blanket is. I think I am just going to change into my jammies, brush my teeth, wash my face and off I will go to sleep. I don’t want to yet though coz I feel like I need to finish this blog I am making now, but nature is asking me to sleep and so I guess I will have to. I will just add the pictures here by tomorrow.

CIAO FOR NOW, I will see you later my dear Blog.

Can’t wait to share my pictures and some videos i took.

Word for the day : FUN

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