A mother's thought

A mother’s thought

Time comes in your adult life when you think about what can you possibly leave behind for the generations after you? What lessons can you possibly give your kids to help them thrive and become successful in their lives too and consequently teach their own kids as well in the future? You probably thought about this after you are done cleaning the mess in the kitchen counters, maybe you are taking a little break on the couch reading your unread magazines which were just laying somewhere in your house that you finally had to urged to read, and all of a sudden a sense of responsibility started creeping up in your heart and in your mind when you thought about your kids in their playroom engrossed in their minecraft game or googling something that you were going to check after they’re done. It is a good thought and I think an important one. Time is of the essence kind of thing. You can't run away from it, you just need to do it and do it you must!

Being not young anymore you know that soon gray hairs are going to start to overwhelm your good hairs; skin will start to really show up not just lines but wrinkles here and there; that loosening skin here and there will start to show more; those thoughts of how to live this life the best way possible is pestering you more like buzzing bees! It’s a little frightening but time helps out. Days help you to cope up with the changes little by little. You know your life is more numbered now than when you are younger and you hope to do as much still, as possible. You hope that you can eat better, exercise better even when most times you really can’t do it. It takes so much will to do all those stuff and deep inside you are resigned to just wanting to live your life the best way possible so that when time comes and you have to go to the next phase like everyone else you know you are prepared.

Spirituality takes over too. It comes earlier to some, but not to other people. It may be transient to some, but it might be lingering to some. Whatever path you are in your spiritual life, when you are getting older you would like to be more serious about it, especially when you know you have been a little too slacking in your younger years. So you find a spot in your home, pore yourself in the “Book”, or in books, trying to find the real meaning of life. Trying to understand better how things really are. Being an adult anyways makes you a little wiser, a little stronger, a little more balanced in weighing things over and actually has more time to think things a little bit thoroughly, right? And then you suddenly realized, oh my, I have to do this, I have to do that? I got to be better at this. Funny thing is you don’t think any more like, ‘I shouldn’t have done this, I shouldn’t have done that” at all! It is a wonderful kind of thing that when you have a lot of years already, every kind of thing you have done in the past whether they were stupid or smart, they were all a part of your memories and you appreciate them and it just makes you smile! So going back to being Spiritual, you know you have to be sure already where you really stand on this factor. And you actually find it, most do at least! And you look around and you actually understand everyone and everything but you can’t say it for fear of being misunderstood. Some find that you do and they come to you for advice and they appreciate you and it feels good in your heart but that’s all you can take with you. You can’t brag you know you understand better, you can only be there when you are needed. Being spiritually strong anyways means you know that humility is wisdom. You just wait for kids to find that out and you give it to them as needed, never to be pushed. Your wisdom becomes like a vitamin to them, just a nugget every day. It’s actually fun when you give it to them and they take it with wide eyes wondering what the heck did you just say while maybe thinking if you were really serious or said something for real or not.

But how can you seriously be a hundred percent sure you’re doing the right thing when your days are filled with loading the washers, wiping the counters, changing diaper, moping the floors, while working on a part time job or a full time job? How can you possibly do it all, put it all together perfectly for these people around you and still come out stronger every day? How even other mothers do really does it all? Then you wonder, nobody probably does it all, anyways! Yet how can you make sure the years to come that will be given to you will be time well spent to prepare not just yourself but the younger ones?

Thoughts. These are thoughts that comes to your mind once in a while and they linger, they annoyingly linger in your mind. But you know what; all you can do is actually just do what you can, whatever is in your hand. Try to do and say the best in every way possible according to what little or huge strength you have. Then take each day as it comes. Some say take each day as if it were your last, But why not say “Take each moment as if it’s your last”.

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