On why do I blog

Our family loves to travel. It is our dream to own an RV someday and yes, we are working towards that goal. For now, we do short trips here and there around America and that’s what I want to share in some parts of my blog, as well as some of our daily adventures that I’d probably have the courage to share.

Well, truthfully, just the fun of sharing stuff that we do via online that will, maybe, be read by a relative or friend is enough for me. I don’t have so many friends right now with whom I can chat daily with and talk about the daily stuff in my life so I’d rather do it here, online. It’s a free world out here anyways. I just hope that our family won’t be judge for some crazy ways we do. And when i am with friends anyways, I would rather be a listening ear than be a talker about myself. Blogging though is different, one gets to share whatever it is about you do, your feelings, emotions, dreams and so forth. So, let’s ride on this roller coaster then!

But thinking about it, I know that my main reason is to share joy and experiences; to share this beautiful world that we get to enjoy and maybe, just maybe provide an inspiration to someone to travel as well. There is just so much that everyone can partake of in these beautiful creations around us that I know words are not enough to really show everything. But at least in my family’s little ways, we can show and share to friends and family how we are doing each step of the way, Specially during travels that we do and yes travels that we sure hope to do more of.

My husband and I have always somehow traveled before we became a couple and when we became a couple. So deep in our hearts, we both know we would want to keep traveling more even now that we have kids in tow. I remember on our first trip together I was wondering at the back of my mind if we would still be together in the future making trips like what we were doing that day and I think I made a little wish that I sure hope we would! Aren’t I thankful that the little wish I had in my heart that time has come true! God is good!

In addition, traveling with kids is particularly challenging. And I guess this is one of things that will keep my blog a little more challenging on this note. How do we travel with a Special kid and two growing 9 year old and 4 year old little brats who like bantering and quarreling endlessly at the back of the car? And now that we have a dog as well, named Sadie Bird, planning and just getting inside the car to go somewhere is always a challenge and time-consuming, unlike when it was just me and my husband traveling before and all we think about when we want to take a trip is our stuff and ourselves. Now, we have 3 other people to think about every step of the way, so it is hard. And a dog, yes. haha. Yet, it won’t stop us at all! It actually just reinforces our need to travel more to get to relax, even with kids in tow. And somehow, we have been doing it? How well we do? I don't know, i guess let’s just see how this blog is going to show it somehow.

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