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i always wondered why in my kids school they just don't give awards like they do in Philippines wherein at the end of each school year, a few kids will get the best first honor, second honor, third and some best in math etc. I hated it here actually because i know that my kid is doing great in school. I even get A student certificates in her backpack every grading so i keep on wondering why she's not getting any medal at the end of the school year. I just couldn't believe it. Well, i attended her end of the school year party again this year and only then did i realize something. At her school, every Student in her class was given recognition by the teacher not just a few ones. Every one of those 19 second graders were honored on that day and everyone went home feeling special after their teacher gave each of them a personalized poem and a nice picture of themselves taken at the very start of the school year to see how much they've all grown, plus the individual awards that the teacher thought they each excelled at and showed the whole year like all of them being good readers, like some being likely to be leader, etc etc. It was really a nice strategy of these teachers here to push each and every one of these students to be the best they can be in whatever talent they each possess not just for being good at academics at the end of the school year. I saw a teacher who just told those kids that they are all the best in their uniqueness and capabilities and that they all worked hard the whole year and deserved to be honored at the end. And as a parent, actually that makes me feel good coz i know that my kid is learning to be the best she can be in her own unique way without thinking that she is better than the other kids :)

Before i would always wonder why my daughter loves school so much, i think more than i ever actually loved school in my entire life.And now i know why. There is so much support and acceptance in her school. She can be as talkative as she can be and still be accepted. lol. When i was a kid, i always get low-esteem when i don't get any honors at the end of the school year, on the other hand, i would always feel like i am better than the other kids when i get the ribbons or medal, not even thinking how the other kids might be feeling for not getting anything. oh geez..i think, back then, it was always being the best or not at all. lol. sometimes even at her competition dance group, me and my husband would wonder why everybody gets a medal at the banquet, lol. And i really just realized that these schools where my kid is presently attending, they are those who supports kids for what they are and what they can possibly become. Pushing them but not stressing them out. Yet, being from a culture where you have to excel in everything that you do to become someone or to achieve something, it is a little hard for me to understand. Yet, somehow i am getting it now. little by little.

I remember last year how my daughter cried so hard for not getting a medal at her dance competition since she said she worked so hard as well! Lol. It took us hours to make her understand that she did great but that she just can't get the medal since it was for a team. Our daughter who is super competitive has finally realized after sometime that what really matters is how you play the game not just the outcome. She used to get so mad whenever she doens'nt get to win the game, but now, i can see how she is okay even when she loses because it's not always about winning, but it's more on how you play the game, or how you actually enjoy the game! :) i know, i know you may not agree with me. But it's okay! I mean, this is just my thoughts, not yours. :) Still i hope my kid will continue to be A student so she can at least get scholarship in the future, won't be bad, right?

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