end of the school year post from the conklins

It's June First. School has officially ended for this school year! Months of waking up early, waiting for the bus to come, meeting with the teachers, lunch dates with kiddos, various school activities, parades, field days, report cards, awards in the back-pack, etc., has finally come to a pause. And it seemed to have passed by so quickly! It only seemed yesterday when my kids were all excited for a new school year, but now, it's done, again!

So, summer has officially started! Summer vacation! And it only means more activities for the kids, at home with us, the parents. LOL. Swimming lessons, parks play here and there, bike rides, family walk around the neighborhood, splash pads, parties, water parks(maybe) and lots and lots of hours to be spent at home with Mommy! Thus, Mommies and Daddies need to be more creative. Whatever the teacher has done the whole school year, we have to do it as good at home!

I actually have no idea how I am going to go about it. I always don't have an idea how to make it the most awesome summer vacation for my kids each time. All I can do with my husband is trying as hard as we can to make it fun for them. With our limited budget we can't really plan expensive vacation for them, but hopefully we could still try to make it the best summer again for them, like we always do. If not better than last year!

At least we have already been able to enroll ourselves as a family at the Y. (I just learned that YMCA is referred to as the Y, as well! J) To some who doesn’t know it, The Y is like a fitness club. As a family, now that we have joined it by paying a certain amount of money every month, we can take advantage of all the Physical activities that they offer. They offer free Zumba classes, Yoga Classes and you can use the heated pool and the gym! Then we can get discounts for swimming lessons and participating in soccer or volleyball and the likes. They even have a free parents Night out! We could take the two kids at least, Vicky and Andre over there if Andy and I decided to go for a night out certain nights they offer the service. Problem is I also have to find someone to take care of Joshua, in order for me and Andy to have a proper date! So I think doing things at the Y will take most of our summer activities this year! Plus of course, Arlington and surrounding areas around us just have too many parks that families can actually enjoy whole year round.

Why am I having thoughts of leaving this place then? Ugh, I should not let difficulties in other parts of my life affect the fact that kids can grow wonderfully in this place with all the amenities they need for a fun-filled, activity-filled childhood that they all deserved! My hubby and I just really need to set aside time during the day to take these kids out. Because unlike when we were kids, we can’t just let these kids go out and play outside without any guidance. Nowadays you really need to be helicopter parents, at least while they are still growing up and learning more. Once they are adults or even just stubborn teenagers who needs less guidance, then you can open the door and let them be what they want to be, do what they need to do, knowing that they can already be responsible adults out there. But for now, they are just my babies. Our Babies! So Mommy and Daddy needs to still be there for them first in everything.

Anyways, I really hope this summer will be such a great fun for all the parents and kids out there! Time to relax, get together as family, bond as much as we can, eat out, cook in the yard, swim in the beach or in the pools, have lots of fun with water and with Nature, close your eyes and just enjoy not being in a rush for at least two months so that by the time the school year starts again in August, we all have lots of energy to start it all over again!

Cheers to all families out there! Lovin’ it!

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