Bluebonnets Of Texas

I have been seeing posts of my friends with these flowers and it always caught my attention and was wondering where did they had the picture taken? I always wanted to have a picture like theirs as well. Well, just last week, my husband and I had the same idea. He wanted us to find a place somewhere where we can have a picture with the bluebonnets. And just like everyone else does nowadays, we googled for a place to find these beautiful spring flowers around here somewhere. Well, we found a place so we figured we will go on one of the weekends when we won’t be as busy. I thought, oh this is going to be just one of those plans we had before that may or may not happen. LOL.

Last weekend though, my daughter had to attend a two day dance competition in Dallas. While we are driving towards Dallas, We saw that alongside some of the highways, there were a lot of bluebonnets! I told my husband we probably should stop somewhere and have pictures with them flowers, since I saw people stopping by the highways and having pictures with them too. He agreed with the idea and we figured we would do it in the afternoon when we come home from the dance. And we did! It was exciting getting down the vehicle to meet them bluebonnets for the first time! We were like kids prancing and dancing around these beauties trying so hard not to step on them in fear of ruining them!

It was really an awesome view! A long line of bluebonnets just filled the hilly side of the road! Such a sight to behold! Those blue smelly flower were such a treat to our very tired day. We saw families stopping by and having pictures as well! And down the hill, we even saw a couple having such a sweet moments while enjoying the not very private area anymore, haha!

We took pictures of the kids, of the parents with the kids. But we couldn’t take a picture of our family together! Hard to sit down together and nto squish those flowers. Took a few selfie though that allowed me to include everyone in the picture though they did not come very nicely in the picture. Still, we were able to get several beautiful pictures of the flowers and of us with them Bluebonnets of Texas, and we came back to our place happy and contented for the day!

Here are some pics we took! We didn’t even had to pay a single thing to have these pictures. All we needed was our card and the canon manual camera and our phones at our disposal. Being in a city just makes you pay at every turn for every single thing you want to take your family too, except for most public parks of course.

Look how pretty these flowers are! And it's free to have pics with them!

A nice afternoon with your family

To have beautiful pics to last!

So Stop your car somewhere alongside

the Roads of Dallas and enjoy!

Just bring a good Camera fully charged

and your smiles and excitement to matched!

Family time!

Sometimes i wonder what my Josh is thinking..:)

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