Meet Sadie Bird!

I don't know where my hubby ever got the name Sadie Bird! But it sure does sounds good for our Little Sadie, now a big Girl! She is turning one soon and my Daughter V is busy thinking of ways to celebrate her birthday. She wanted to invite all our friends with doggies, She wanted to invited even our neighbors! And as much as i hated making her sad, i had to tell her that we can't possibly do it this year! I told her, Maybe next year Baby we can do it but not this year, especially since her little brother's birthday is also coming soon! Whew! i hate disappointing my kids wishes but sometimes you just have to let them see the reality of life. Still, i know we will try to make Sadie Bird's Birthday as fun for her as possible. I am sure this coming week will be pretty busy for me!!

What a cutie Pie She was when she just came into our lives! Now She is huge!

Sadie Bird the Labrador of our lives!

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