Meet our family!

We are Texans! Well, not exactly but we do feel like we are! lolz. We've been living here in Arlington, Texas since 2011 and we just feel so right at home that we decided to buy our house here and decided that this is where we would like to settle!

It wasn't love at first sight for me when we drove up here from Connecticut, but after living here for a few years, i learned to love the place, the people and most that the place has to offer. We've learned to find where parks are and enjoys them with our kiddos.

There's Josh, our Special Baby,

My darling Daughter V,

and my amazing youngest boy Andre..

Life is good, Life is fun!

We take as each day comes! and Hoping for a better tomorrow everyday Like all of us does!

My husband and I met in another country a long time ago But it still just feels like yesterday!

I still can't believe it sometimes that i have come a long way already since that time when i was just a dreaming little girl back in philippines a long time ago.

Anyways, here i am with my family. Thank God for the Blessings!

Meet The Cool Parents

We are Andy and Salve

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