Our Story

We are the Cool Parents, otherwise known
as Salve and Andy

I think We make a great Team! We met each other one Valentine's evening! We were not really looking for any special date that evening, but somehow Cupid has a different plan for us! (Thank you God!)

Well, for one thing our Situation then was not really a perfect time to meet anyone as i was already going back to my country, while he just arrived at a new country that was offering him many possibilities! yet somehow after three years of just being friends, we still ended up becoming a couple when he decided to meet me again in Shanghai. 

Let's just say we were three years in a friendship relationship since we had to part ways a few days after we met. After 3 long years of just phone calls, emails, cards and letters, we decided to meet again. Thus, in Shanghai our love for each other became for Real! We became a couple for Real! oh geez, I couldn't believe it! But it was funny because even though we were apart for three years, it felt like i knew him so well already. I guess all the phone calls did the trick, lol!

And what can i say, after another 4 years we ended up as a married couple! Don't worry, i will write one blog dedicated only to our very complex, simple and somehow romantic lovestory for all to see. haha..

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